Human Wizard
Hsl-char-human wizard-sheet
Class Wizard
Race Human
Portrait/Icon Char-human-wizard-icon
Sprite Char-human-wizard-sprite
Starting Equipment Sorcerer Staff +0/7


Unlock Available at start.
Notes Default attack is Hsl-magic-nobg 60 / 1.

One of the starting 3 characters.

The starting equipment add nothing of value, other than clothing the Wizard and provide a basic attack. The ability to ignore enemy armor is negated by the fact that monsters have practically no armor in the earlier levels. IF the enemy is wearing armor, then the damage output is comparable to the other starting character, the Woodland Elf Archer.

Magic weapons are more rare than melee and range weapons, so you're relying on the magic bonuses from accessories. High defense armor tends to penalize magic, so the Wizard has to decide between damage output and survivability.

Given all of the above, with the close quarters of most quests and the lack of armor coupled with very little life, this is a difficult character class to play, especially for beginners.