Human Ninja
Class Ninja
Race Human
Portrait/Icon Char-human-ninja-icon
Sprite Char-human-ninja-sprite
Starting Equipment Leather Vest

Leather Hood
Steel Shuriken
Wooden Nunchaku

Unlock 17th unlock.

The Human Ninja is a mediocre jack-of-all-trades, but starts with a melee and ranged weapon that grants the Swift enchantment. The greatest advantage for this class are the Nunchaku. The starting weapons allow the Ninja to hit-and-run, swapping to the Nunchaku to escape through walls when necessary.

His average 50% attack rates combined with pitifully low damage on his weapons brings his overall damage output to low levels, even with Swift. The Shuriken is probably the first weapon to replace. The ability to hit-and-run at range will lose favor quickly when you encounter monsters with defense (like 90% of them)!!

The Nunchaku are probably something you want to keep around through the entire quest for utility since the Swift and Shadeform combination will help exploration and escape!