Hsl-eq-shield-wooden Hsl-eq-shield-black Hsl-eq-shield-yellow Hsl-eq-shield-green Hsl-eq-shield-greenred Hsl-eq-shield-greenwhite Shields

Hsl-oh-dagger Concealed Dagger

Oh-candle-life-burning Life-burning Candle +3 def, Resurrect

Hsl-cross-mithril Cross (Mithril)

Oh-cross-steel Cross (Steel)

Oh-cross-adamantine Cross (Adamantine)

Oh-tome Oh-tome-mysterious Tome

Oh-idol-adamantie Idol (Adamantine)

Hsl-skull-golden Skull Golden

Oh-horn-silver Horn Silver

Oh-horn-adamantine Horn Adamantine

Oh-orb-adamantine Orb Adamantine (Res: Divine)

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