Characters are unlocked by deaths and wins.

Deaths required
to unlock character
n^2 difference
9 3base
16 4 +7
25 5 +9
36 6 +11
49 7 +13
64 8 +15
81 9 +17
  • A character is unlocked when the Death Total reaches a square number, starting at 9, as shown in the above table.
    • To calculate how many deaths are needed to unlock the next character:
      1. n = # of characters you have currently unlocked.
      2. wins = # of quest Wins you have
      3. (n - wins) = Subtract wins from # of unlocked characters, to a minimum of 3
      4. (n - wins)^2 = # of Deaths needed (minimum of 9)
    • alternatively
      1. add to the last number of deaths you used to unlock a character the next odd number in the series.
      2. i = 7; counter starting from 7 (see above)
      3. i += 2; counter increments each time by 2 (next odd number)
      4. ND = PV+i; the needed number of deaths for the next unlock equals the previous unlock number of deaths (PV) ;summed to the counter
    • To figure out how many deaths are needed to unlock a specific character:
      1. t = Tier of character you want to unlock (refer to table for tier)
      2. wins = # of quest Wins you have
      3. ((t - 1) - wins) = Subtract wins and an additional 1, to a minimum of 3
      4. ((t - 1) - wins)^2 = # of Deaths needed (minimum of 9)
  • A Win will unlock the next character in the list.
  • In theory, it will require 961 deaths and 0 wins to unlock every character.

For example, 4 wins and 8 deaths will unlock the Hill Dwarf Warrior (Tier 7), and the next death will unlock the Halfling Hunter (Tier 8).

Att Dmg Att Dmg Att Dmg
Att Dmg Att Dmg Att Dmg
!aTier !aCharacter -9999Hsl-health-nobg -9999Hsl-melee-nobg -9999Hsl-range-nobg -9999Hsl-magic-nobg -9999Hsl-defense-nobg -9999Hsl-melee-nobg -9999Hsl-range-nobg -9999Hsl-magic-nobg -9999Hsl-defense-nobg !aExtras
-9998 !b -9998 -9998Base -9998Equipped -9998
0Human Saracen40601500400061165003903Hsl-dmg-psychic-nobgdmg
0Woodland Elf Archer30401600500040060124903Hsl-dmg-silver-nobgdmg
0Human Wizard20400500601040050062120Hsl-dmg-lightning-nobgdmg
1Human Knight40601500400060175003806
2Human Amazon30451600400045059114000Hsl-dmg-divine-nobgdmg
3Human Enchantress20400500601040050063100Hsl-dmg-fire-nobgdmg Hsl-dmg-psychic-nobgres Hsl-dmg-divine-nobgvuln
4Hill Dwarf Warrior50601500300260174902707
5Halfling Hunter3540165140004006593902
6Pixie Mage20200500707020050070121Hsl-magic defense-nobgmagic def
7Human Ranger45602551500162205514904
9998 ~y 9998 9998Base 9998Equipped 9998
~zTier ~zCharacter 9999Hsl-health-nobg 9999Hsl-melee-nobg 9999Hsl-range-nobg 9999Hsl-magic-nobg 9999Hsl-defense-nobg 9999Hsl-melee-nobg 9999Hsl-range-nobg 9999Hsl-magic-nobg 9999Hsl-defense-nobg ~zExtras

Character Unlock Tier
Hsl-char-human saracen-sheet Available at start.
Hsl-char-woodland elf-sheet Available at start.
Hsl-char-human wizard-sheet Available at start.
Knight 1st
Amazon 2nd
Humench 3rd
Hill Dwarf 4th
HalflingHunter 5th
Pixiemage 6th
Char-human-ranger-sheet 7th
Char-human-rogue-sheet 8th
Char-human-druid-sheet 9th
Barbarian 10th
Assassin 11th
Cleric 12th
Paladin 13th
Char-human-scout-sheet 14th
Char-human-alchemist-sheet 15th
Char-human-monk-sheet 16th
Char-human-ninja-sheet 17th
Char-human-wu-sheet 18th
Char-skeleton-lych knight-sheet 19th
Char-satyr-hunter-sheet 20th
Char-human-necromancer-sheet 21st
Char-human-buccaneer-sheet 22nd
Char-human-pirate-sheet 23rd
Char-human-sorcerer-sheet 24th
Char-swart elf-overlord-sheet 25th
Char-tengu-harpy-sheet 26th
Char-skeleton-lych mage-sheet 27th
Char-titan-arbiter-sheet 28th
Char-eye terror-tormentor-sheet 29th

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